What is Partner Acrobatics / AcroYoga?

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Partner Acrobatics / AcroYoga / AcroBalance is a practice that consists of two or more people who work in one of these three primary roles:

  • Baselifts and supports one or more partners (flyers) in static or dynamic postures and sequences. The base may be in a lying or standing position.
  • Flyer – this is the individual who is elevated off the ground by the Base. The Flyer can move into a series of dynamic positions or static postures with the support of the base.
  • Spotter – this is the individual who has an objective view of the partners and whose entire focus is on making sure that the Flyer lands safely on the ground in case of any slips.

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Partner Acro cultivates trust, connection and playfulness while introducing you to supportive partner stretching, assisted inversions, acrobatic flying transitions and counterbalance tricks. The practice is incredibly fun and playful while improving fitness, tone, strength, balance, confidence, trust and communication.

The different lineages and schools may focus on slightly different aspects of the practice. While AcroYoga Inc. combines elements of Yoga, Acrobatics and healing arts and adds therapeutic flying, a moving massage, to the practice, other styles and teachers focus more on standing Acrobatics, on creating repeating flows (“washing machines”) in L-basing or on incorporating dance/performance aspects into their work.

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I personally feel that all lineages bring something unique to this practice and I enjoy combining all those elements in my own training as well as in what I teach to my students. If you want to read more about the different schools, check out my collection of links here.