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As you might have gathered by browsing my website, I am not a nutritionist and do not have formal training in anything food or nutrition related. However – I have had the joy of growing up in a household where “real” food, prepared from scratch, was our stable and main diet and where my love for everything fresh, unprocessed, home-cooked and versatile was first born and nourished day by day. I have many happy memories of baking together with my siblings, of watching and helping my mum cook for the family every day, of my gran cutting fruits for us in funny little shapes, of the best home-made cakes at every single family gathering and the whole family going shopping together at local markets.

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Fast forward to today and not much has changed in my diet and love for nutritious, wholesome and delicious food. I constantly try out new recipes, develop my own, read and educate myself about what our bodies need and what beautiful foods are available to us and shop at the local organic market with my husband whenever we get a chance. I admit, a lot of my recipes include foods that my mother would not have used herself (chocolate avocado pudding – really?!) but that gives me the chance to now introduce my family to new things and maybe add the one or the other recipe to their collection… ;)

The Healthy Eats section of my website is a collection of recipes that I have invented or tried and tested and developed further and will hopefully not only function as a recipe collection for myself but also inspire you to bring more wholesome, home-made and delicious goodness into your own kitchen – exploring new ingredients, having fun cooking and baking, and discovering ways that work for you!

Isabel Essen_Healthy Eats 01I am excited to be starting my recipe collection here and hope to keep adding to it bit by bit.

Enjoy browsing my

Happy cooking, baking – and, most importantly: eating!