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01/05/2015 – Upside Down is Right Side Up: PE AcroYoga FUNdamentals Workshop with Visiting Teacher Isabel Essen

Acro FUNdamentals Workshop Flyer_PE_May2015Isabel and Graeme Essen will be flying in to PE to get flying with all of you! The practice of AcroYoga combines element of Partner Acrobatics, Yoga and the healing arts, cultivating trust, connection and playfulness while introducing you to supportive partner stretching, assisted inversions, acrobatic flying transitions and counterbalance tricks.

If you are an experienced AcroYogi or an absolute beginner, this workshop will provide everyone with tricks and moves appropriate to their level – having us squeal with laughter and joy and most probably surprise yourself by what your body can actually do.

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Yoga & Acro Links and Information

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Read more about Acro and Yoga organisations, teachers and teacher trainings as well as some personal tips on how / where to find what you might be looking for on this page.



Acro Organisations and Teacher Trainings



AcroYoga Montreal

AcroYoga Montreal


Acropedia / AcroRevolution

Partner Acrobatics

Partner Acrobatics

Acro Communities around the Globe

A good way to find an Acro community, a teacher, Acro classes, workshops and offerings close by is to take a look at this great Acro world map here, called AcroMaps, or find out whether there is a facebook group for your area.

Check out AcroYoga South Africa for offerings in our local Cape Town Acro community, AcroYoga Stuttgart for the growing Acro community in my home town in Germany and so many other groups on Facebook (AcrobaticsAcroYoga & Related Events Worldwide etc.) that will hopefully connect you to other Acro monkeys out there!

Looking for a specific recommendation? Why not contact me, I might know just the right person for you! :)

Yoga Studios & Teachers around the Globe

YogaTrail is a great site to connect to and find a Yoga teacher in your area – for whatever style of Yoga you practice or want to practice.

If you are in and around Cape Town, SA, and are looking for a studio to attend regularly, take a look at the ones below. We are truly blessed with a number of fantastic teachers and studios here! This is just a small collection of my current favourites…

  • AIR Yoga, Woodstock (Jivamukti & Mysore)
  • CityRock Yoga, Observatory (Vinyasa, Hatha & Ashtanga)
  • ReUnion, Woodstock (Synergy, Vinyasa, Ashtanga & Meditation)
  • Yogaville, Durbanville (Vinyasa Flow)
  • YoYoga, Claremont (Bikram, heated Vinyasa & Ashtanga)
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